Credit cards are versatile. Not only do they make shopping easier, they also help with online bookings – for example of hotels and rental cars.

Sometimes it can not be done without: If you book a hotel online, you often experience that the credit card number must be given – unlike package tours, where the customer usually has the choice between different payment methods. However, it is worth taking a closer look here, because there are two types of bookings: with prepayment or with a credit card guarantee.

When booking with prepayment, the entire amount is due immediately. The alternative with a credit card guarantee is much more attractive: No money is debited when you book. You usually have the choice of paying in cash or with another debit or credit card. In this case, the credit card only serves as insurance for the hotel. The credit card will only be charged if the accommodation is paid in advance and cannot be canceled – or if the cancellation period specified in the booking has been exceeded. There are often deadlines up to which day before arrival what amount is due.

If you pay or guarantee a hotel booking online with a credit card, there are usually no fees. At least with the big providers. For some smaller hotel agents, however, a small processing fee is payable – even if the cancellation is generally free of charge. It is worth taking a look at the booking conditions here.


Car rental bookings by credit card

Car rental bookings by credit card

If you want to be mobile at your destination and want to explore the surrounding area, you can often book a rental car. Best of all from home, because the booking here is usually in German, so that even complex clauses of the rental agreement are easier to understand. In addition, prices and conditions can be compared in advance in peace. The same applies here: at the major international car rental companies, you usually need your credit card to book the vehicle you want.

This is convenient and, depending on the card model, you may also receive a discount thanks to your credit card. In addition to the rental price, the deposit is also deposited with the credit card without cash. If you also plan to pay by credit card on site, it may be worth talking to the Sparkasse before you travel and getting the credit line temporarily increased.


Check carefully in the event of damage

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If you are involved in an accident with your rental car or the car is scratched, your credit card may be charged with the cost of the damage. Therefore, check your credit card statement carefully. If there are any inconsistencies, you should first speak to the car rental company.